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Late Spring Fishing on Wilson Lake

Reed's Guide Service
Posted: 3/1/2005

Reed Montgomery

By the month of May most bass have spawned. Yes, the spawn is over for most bass species found bedding this spring in Alabama's Lakes. For anglers that like to sight fish (targeting / catching cruising bass or bass on the beds), this now means targeting mostly smaller male bass, bass generally in the 1-3 pound range, now protecting the beds and the newborn bass fry. But that's the down side of spring bass fishing. Still ahead, is some of the best bass fishing of the year!

The month of May is labeled, "topwater time in Alabama" and rightfully so. Its my favorite time of the year, for I know there will be dozens of exciting topwater blowups on every outing. This goes for targeting both smallmouth bass and largemouth bass on lower Tennessee River impoundment, Wilson Lake. Big bass, are looking up for an easy to catch meal, after recuperating from the rigors of spawning.

So heres some tips, lure suggestions and places to fish during this late spring post spawn season.

Its a small lake. Less than 20 miles long. Only a few feeder creeks for targeting the bass of spring. New growing weeds, loads of wood cover and plenty of fish holding piers and boat houses. Then there's the lakes headwaters, situated below Wheeler Lake dam tailrace waters. Good any time of the year.

In addition, Wilson Lake has loads of small pockets, cuts, flats, and plenty of rock bluffs, that help make this famed impoundment an excellent springtime lake. So where do you fish now that spring is coming to an end? Anywhere you want to.

With water temperatures slowly creeping above the traditional spawning temperature of 70 degrees, bass are active everywhere. The same spawning flats that showed bedding fish, in both creeks and main lake spots, will still have loads of big bass. They can be found hanging around points, flats, islands, new growing weeds, stumps, laydowns, brush piles and especially around shade producing banks or piers on sunny, high pressure days.

Town Creek and Big Nancy Creek are just two of the bigger creeks on Wilson Lake featuring all the aforementioned cover. Topwaters such as buzzbaits, poppers, prop baits, and walking baits like the Zara Spook and Sammy can get explosive action. Fishing the mid to far back ends of these and other major feeder creeks, all throughout May and early June, an angler can load the boat. Anglers targeting largemouth bass will enjoy this exciting topwater pattern all month and on into summer.

Smallmouth bass will feed shallow as well and bust a topwater lure, both day and night, followed with heart jarring jumps as they rocket skyward in an attempt to throw your lure. Meaning paying attention to detail.

Sharp hooks, a good hookset and using stought equipment, all coupled with strong line, are a must for targeting these jumping, brown bass during the post spawn season. Smallmouth bass can be found in the same places as during prespawn and spawning times. But now their hungry and more aggressive in much warmer water temperatures.

Small cuts and pockets along rock bluffs, the mouths and points leading into creeks and along main river flats featuring sandy bottoms and scattered rocks, are good places to target this bass species in May and early June. They are not as good at hitting buzzbaits as largemouth's, but when a smallmouth does bust this traveling lure, its very exciting. Smallmouths will more likely hit topwater lures that simulate shad or baitfish, lures that stay in one spot longer than a steady retrieved buzzbait.

Below Wheeler Lake dam in Wilson Lakes headwaters, you will also see bass of both species, along with stripers and white bass, schooling and busting baitfish on top for the next few months. Always have several rods rigged with various types of topwater lures when fishing Wilson Lake...it could just be the bass of a lifetime!

Need help on Wilson Lake? Always call on Reeds Guide Service ... first! Be safe and courteous to other anglers on our very crowded lakes this spring and early summer. Good Fishing!

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