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Fall on Wilson Lake

Reed's Guide Service
Posted: 9/1/2005

Reed Montgomery

This Tennessee River Impoundment is the smallest lake on this river system, but Wilson Lake is big on Fall fishing. As waters begin to cool, the famed smallmouth bass go on the feed and anglers from all over come to sample the jumping, fighting antics of these brown bass. Largemouth bass are just as popular, for there are many bass over 5 pounds in this lake, now over 80 years since impoundment.

Both of these bass species can be found mingling side by side in the lakes headwaters, while fishing below massive Wheeler Lake dam, or they are found along rock bluffs that line the entire lake. Bass of all species can always be had up in the many feeder creeks that feature loads of weed, rock and wood cover for anglers to target.

Not only does Wilson Lake feature these popular bass species but also striped bass, white bass, hybrid striped bass, spotted bass, black and white crappie, bream, sauger, and several species of catfish, make up Wilson Lake. Drum, carp, gar and turtles make up the rest.

Fishing Wilson Lake's headwaters you can encounter any of these fish during the Fall and early Winter seasons. Especially if you like using live bait like many anglers prefer to do. Fishing with lures is much more of a challenge. Choosing the right lure, color, size, style and lure action and fishing it at the right time, in the right manner, is what makes the difference in using lures and live bait.

Topwaters of all types will fool bass seen schooling in the lakes headwaters. Popping lures, prop baits and walking type lures are great choices throughout the Fall period. Crankbaits, from shallow running models to deep divers have their place to. Other lure choices can be rattling lipless lures, suspending jerkbaits and floating jerkbaits, jigging with spoons or tailspinners, and fishing loads of plastic lures fished on or near bottom. Fishing with jig heads, or Texas or Carolina rigged lures is also very productive in these lake headwaters, but bring plenty of weights, hooks and lures, for hang-ups are inevitable in these rocky lake headwaters.

Spinnerbaits fool a lot of trophy bass on this lake during the
Fall, but many anglers fail to see how excellent these lures really are. You can fish them in the lakes headwaters around rocks, boulders, islands, rock bluff's or right near the dam. You can drift in the swift current and bump spinnerbaits (choose weights according the current) on bottom or choose to fish Wilson Lakes many feeder creeks with spinnerbaits around weed cover, wood cover and rocky bluff banks.

Popular techniques with these flashing, vibrating oddities includes fast reeling spinnerbaits just beneath the waters (a technique know as buzzing or waking a spinnerbait), slow rolling (a lift and drop presentation), or you can just cast them out and slowly retrieve them in the lakes headwaters, generally fishing in water 5-10 feet deep, when close to he dam. Always have plenty of 3/8 to 3/4 ounce spinnerbait models in various colors and blade sizes.

Wilson Lake is not dropped as drastically during the Fall period as upriver Wheeler Lake or downriver impoundment Pickwick Lake. It can be down a foot or so on any day, due to water generation and falling lake levels at that time. But most of the Fall and Winter period Wilson Lake is at or near full pool, normal year round lake levels.

Making plans on fishing the Tennessee River Lakes this Fall or Winter months? Always call on Reeds Guide Service...first! Passing on generations of years of bass fishing knowledge and experience on these lakes, with over 30 years fishing for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, spotted bass, striped bass and hybrid striped bass. Several guides and boats available year round for multiple parties and corporate trips. See my website: www.FISHINGALABAMA.com for more info.

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